Marriage Counseling

Is Marriage Counseling For You?

A Marriage Counselor Might be Helpful when…


  1. You and your spouse have been experiencing a very low level of marital satisfaction.
  2. You find it difficult to grant or ask for forgiveness following a conflict, betrayal, infidelity or hurt.
  3. You often disagree upon the same major issues, such as parenting, spending or saving plans, roles and responsibilities, etc.
  4. You cannot share your true feelings (especially the negative ones) with your spouse.
  5. You or your spouse go out of your ways to avoid conflicts.
  6. You have concerns that you or your spouse are not satisfied with your sex and affection.
  7. Your spouse does not seem to be willing to share his/her feelings with you.
  8. It is hard for you to tell your spouse what you really want for your marriage.

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You Are NOT Alone!

Do you feel like you are sinking? Are you tired of trying any more? Do you feel lonely fighting for your marriage? Are you running out of hope for your marriage? Please allow me to walk this journey of restoration with you.

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