Virtual Sandtray Therapy

Virtual Sandtray Therapy is an online service for telehealth clients (upon requests) to process their emotions and thoughts nonverbally, or verbally if the client chooses prefers. It is not only effective for children or teens, even adult clients find this intervention very helpful at times to help express ideas or insights when words are limiting.

For Existing Clients

Things to remember when using Simply Sand Play (

  1. Simply Sand Play will run in Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox browsers.  (Does not work in Safari)
  2. There is an installable version available for Windows PCs and Macs here.  (These versions may run better on older machines than the browser version.)   A version for Ipads/Iphones is in the Apple app store here.  (Or search specifically for “Simply Sand Play” in the store)  Ipads/Iphones CANNOT use the browser version. 
  3.  All versions support touchscreen input.
  4.  We do not have an Android version at this time.
  5. Watch a short demonstration here
  6. Please go to and share your screen with your therapist.  (Clients using Ipads/Iphones will share their Simply Sand Play app screen) with the passcode given by your therapist. No email address is required if logging in to the app with a passcode. 
  7. Client creates sandtray: After the session is over the client can click on “Quit Game” to exit the application.  (The app will automatically log a user out after 2 hours if they haven’t done so already)
  8. If client prefers more information about the sandtray, they can visit the youtube channel of Simply Sand Play here to watch some short videos to demonstrate controls, a demonstration of screen sharing, etc.